Content Management 101: How to Manage Your Website Effectively

It's important to have good content management in order to keep your site running. Here are some tips to help you stay on top of your uploads.

Managing a growing library of digital content can be challenging for anyone. Content is the glue that holds together your online reputation. The right content management system (or CMS) is key to scaling and maintaining your audience.

Here are five quick content management tips for managing your website more effectively.

1. Know Your Why

This isn't some spiritual wisdom. Having a clear purpose behind your content is vital. What kind of products do you sell? What services do you intend to provide? Are you an editor for a non-profit?

Know the purpose of your content as well as the medium you post on. You need to clearly understand why people are on the platform that you post on. Knowing what they are looking for is the foundation of your CMS.

2. Publishing Schedules

If you post randomly and sporadically, there is little point in posting at all. Publishing content without a plan is like starting a business without a strategy.

It would be best if you decided which of your content needs to be published on which medium. Do you have a build-up of content to start with? Having a demanding schedule without a buffer can put a lot of pressure on your creativity.

Your publishing plan should include everything from titles, to content types, to inbound marketing funnels. Content isn't just a social post. It's also landing pages, products, and even services.

3. Store, Sort, and Manage

Don't fire-and-forget. Make sure your users, viewers, readers, or customers can access your posts even years later.

This is also essential to regularly updating your content. Content that contains time-sensitive information has to be regularly updated and checked.

Fresh content will also help your SEO ranking and keep your brand voice consistent.

4. Quality over Quantity

You need to make lots of content to stay relevant in the 21st century. But content that doesn't reflect your values or help drive your business forward may do the opposite.
Make sure your brand guidelines are clear to your team.

Focus on establishing a high-quality team with good practices and workflows.

5. #Trending

New doesn't mean better. Still, missing out on new technologies or advancements is bad for business. In an increasingly digital world, you need to stay up to date with the status quo.

Remember to consistently educate yourself and your readers on the latest advances in your industry. Subscribe to newsletters, channels, feeds, and blogs.

If you picked a worthy purpose, this should come as second nature to you. Some tools can help you curate content to keep you up to date.

More on Content Management?

Upholding a challenging CMS isn't for the faint of heart. Make sure that you have a great team and plan to back you up.

Remember that the foundation of your CMS must be built to drive your business. Just like your business, it should be well documented, organized, updated, and scalable.

Content management can be challenging, but with more great tips on managing content, you'll excel. Contact us for help building your CMS.

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