3 Innovative Ways to Keep a Website up to Date

These innovative methods will help you keep your website up-to-date with current trends, thus ensuring it continues to perform in the future.

A business of any size requires a website. Keeping an up to date website, that is visually engaging, and relevant will not only build your customer base but also encourage them to keep coming back.

Visitors will leave your website just as fast as they clicked on it if your home page is not up to par. So how do you maintain the integrity of your business while showcasing your product to customers with dwindling attention spans? 

Discover the 3 most innovative ways to keep an up to date website and boost your business!

1. Visually Appealing

Content, ads, pictures, headlines, etc. Modern website design trends are pushing boundaries like never before. Stay relevant and eye-catching by updating your homepage.

It is important that your website grows with you and not remain stagnant. 

Visually appealing applies across devices. Make sure that when a customer finds your website on their phone that they will have as pleasant an experience as browsing on a computer. Tablets, iPads, Android, or Mac, your website needs to be consistent across any medium. 

Social sharing buttons should be easily accessed from the home page to get everyone involved with every aspect of your business.

BOLD buttons to click on. Encourage customers to get where you want them to go. 

If there are favorable reviews of your business online, add those quotes. Us humans are relying on internet reviews before committing. Make new customers feel comfortable and safe in choosing your product.

Finally: Use grammar good!

See? It hurts when we don't.

It also calls into question your reliability as a source if you cannot use the English language correctly. Verbs and calls to action are your best friends when used properly. 

2. Get to Know Your Competition and Customers

Why would anyone want to buy anything other than your product? 

Find out!

Study your competitions products, pricing, website updates, social marketing platforms, and discover what makes them unique and how. 

This is not a call for you to plagiarize or duplicate! This is about using research and knowledge to grow your business the way you want it to grow. 

Customers are your foundation, whether through purchasing products or driving traffic to your website, you need an audience.

Discover what that audience really wants. Stay on top of consumer trends and plan to adapt and try to integrate the needs they don't even know they need yet. 

Take polls, run surveys, and encourage even more participation through your website. Outstanding customer service will prove to your customers that you value their time and their loyalty will be gained.

3. Study the Metrics

Metrics are the behind-the-scenes data mined from your website. They measure performance and monitor progress (good and bad) for your website. The information they provide absolutely must be studied. 

If 100% of your e-mail subscribers clicked on the link to your blog last month...why? Find out and use that to your advantage. 

When creating any kind of marketing, business, or financial plan for your company use the metrics and data already available to you. They will help to lay the path to developing a plan for success. 

Up to Date Website Design and Trends

Achieving the perfect website is an ever-evolving endeavor. There is no end game here. It's about the journey unfolding between you and your customers. 

Their wants and needs will fluctuate and blow hot and cold as the weather. Your ability to adapt and revise will determine the success of your website. 

If you are unsure of how to incorporate any of these ideas into your website and would like to speak to professionals, look no further than Fortitude Development. Contact us and see how we can help grow your up to date website, social marketing, apps, and more.

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