5 Must-Have App Features Your Customers Will Love

Ensure that your business's new mobile app is nothing short of amazing by including these 5 must-have app features your customers will love.

The average person spends over three hours a day on their phone, and the average American even more so. They spend over five hours a day on their phone.

That is a lot of time for a lot of things- including many apps. 

If your business has recently stepped into the mobile app arena, or you want to improve your already-active mobile app quickly, here are five app features your customers will love.

1. Keep it Simple

In all apps, simplicity is key. A user that has downloaded an app will rarely devote significant time to learn the ins-and-outs of each app they use. If an app is not easy to navigate, then a user may simply cast it aside or switch to an alternative.

Another key moment to capture a user is the signup stage for an app. Once a user downloads an app, there should be a simple and easy process for the user to log in and create an account.

2. Available Everywhere

It goes without saying that for an app to be successful and popular, it needs to be available on all three major app markets: Apple, Android, and Windows. Plan to frequently update the app monthly to keep users engaged and to work out any potential bugs.

3. Notifications

Alerts and notifications are tops when it comes to high demand app features. Even if you don't think your app is particularly suited for notifications like a news or information app, this is arguably the number one aspect of an app the consumer wants.

4. More Key App Features

More positives for an app include an inviting interface, a good color scheme, and personalization options for the user.

A few more app features your customer want includes search options to easily locate what a potential user is looking for within an app, or an option to give user feedback. User feedback creates a connection to the consumer and also can offer some much-needed guidance on what direction to take the app in.

5. A Secure App

As the app fever grows and humans spend an increasing amount of time on their phones, crime and cybercrime have ramped up as well.

With any device that joins an internet network connection, there is a heightened possibility for criminal activity. One of the biggest concerns with app security involves the sharing of data and privacy.

Now that privacy is a major setting within phones and internet security is a more well-known subject, the app consumer is very knowledgeable when it comes to an app sharing their data. In order to keep the trust of the consumer, and to avoid hacking of your app, this is a key subject to be aware of.

Perfect Your App

Since the world is turning more and more towards frequent app usage, you may be in search of the key app features for your business. Or maybe you are just beginning to create an app to implement within your business.

Either way, we have mobile app solutions that can catapult your business and help you become a leader in a crowded app market. Contact us and request a quote today!

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