App Development 101: What Happens After Launch?

So you have had an app developed for your business, and it is just about to launch. Here is how to properly prepare, and what happens after an app launches!

Did you know that the average amount it takes to develop an app in its beginning stages only accounts for 35% of the full development cost?

That means there’s a whole lot of work to be done after launch.  So, if you've finished your app, here are some next steps to guide you with what happens after an app launches. 

1. So, What Happens After an App Launches?

Congratulations! You successfully launched your app. However, that doesn’t mean you can relax just yet. 

In fact, this is the period where you start testing your product. Your general process begins with marketing, then collecting data, refining, and repeating the process.  

The first step is to spread the word about your app so you can establish a user base and work from there.  

2. Promote Your App

You should ideally start promoting your app before the launch. However, it’s important to continue promoting so that you have a stream of users testing your app.  

Facebook is a ready-made platform where users connect with people they know and spread awareness about products they support. This is an organic, free method of marketing where you encourage users to share their experience via Facebook and invite their friends.

You can also use Facebook Ads, the paid promotion tool that allows you to find your target audience by running test campaigns on various user demographics. You can start for as little as $5 a week if you want. However, know that your marketing reach is proportional to how much you invest.  

If you want to promote using platforms specifically designed for app marketing you can try some of the top ones like Moburst, PreApps, and App Growth Network.

In addition to promotion, these are comprehensive tools that allow you to analyze the marketing data with app-specific metrics.

3. App Performance Data Tracking Software

Tracking your app's performance through analytics software is the best way to measure its success and its flaws.  You can use tools like App Annie and Countly to analyze your app performance if you don’t already have a platform. 

Whatever platform you choose, here are some of the top analytics you should focus on:

KPIs are naturally at the top of the list because they have key metrics that directly reflect user activity.  Their data goes beyond usage and revenue. You'll find information such as the number downloads, shares, invites and times your app was opened. 

Favorite Features

One of the most helpful KPIs is the Content Viewed.  With this feature, you can discover which of your app's features resonates the most with users.  

Knowing this information helps you pivot into the next level of development for your app.  You’ll need to focus a large portion of your development efforts on these favorite features to improve your app. 

4. Encourage Users to Send Feedback

In addition to using the Content Viewed KPI, you can also ask users individually for their feedback on your app or rate in the app store.  However, feedback is a better way to evaluate what users like the least rather than what they like the most.

Don't be afraid of users unleashing their honest opinions.  Instead, take this as an opportunity to identify and fix your app's needs while it still has small exposure.  You should also practice positive customer service and respond to user feedback regularly.

Since you're enhancing your app through this process, you can then focus on promoting the app in its more refined state. 

How to Manage What Happens After an App Launches

You can’t always predict what happens after an app launches, but you can manage some of the factors that affect it.  Remember, you should repeat the process of marketing, collecting data, and refining.

If you want expert advice on how to continue your app’s success, we can help you with development, testing, scaling and even security. Contact us today to get a quote!

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