3 Eye-Opening Hacks to Increase App Engagement and User Retention

These inspiring hacks are designed around helping to increase your app engagement and user retention. Read this article so you can optimize your app today.

If you've finally done it—created an app for your company—then congratulations! Now the hard work begins.

Having the tool to engage with your customers or clients is a great step, but any tool is useless if it's not used the right way. Imagine trying to remove lug nuts to change a tire using a hammer instead of a tire iron.

For many people, another app is clutter. So if they use your app a lot at the beginning, they'll be more likely to keep it and continue using it.

Here are some ways to increase app engagement and make sure your app is the tool your clients keep coming back to.

1. Push Notes

Why would you work hard with your developer to have an app custom-designed for your company and then flub the rollout? No one would intentionally, but if you use push notifications the wrong way, you can bet on your app user retention going down.

Give your users a reason to enable their notifications right away. Whether it's a bonus coupon, an extra sweepstakes entry, or a promise not to spam them with notifications, let them know they get something special for turning on notifications.

When your users allow you to send them messages through the app, you can reach them whenever you want. They're handing you the power, instead of restricting interaction with your company to whenever they choose to open the app.

Be sure to use that power responsibly and send only the most important messages to get them to open the app and use it.

2. App Engagement: Make It a Game

Following new app trends doesn't always pay off. But in this case, it's recommended.

Try gamifying your app, awarding prizes or trophies for completing tasks, and urging them to continue competing. Use the interface and design to help them feel like they're winning a game, and they'll want to keep using your app.

Trending apps take it a step further and personalize the interface to make app users feel recognized. Invite them to compete with friends or log connections that help them feel like part of a team. You can even give your app a progress bar or a feature that helps them see when they're almost done or "winning" in the app to encourage further use.

3. Immediate Action

When your users first download the app, they need to meet a compelling call to action right away. If they're engaging often at the beginning, they're more likely to stick around long term.

One of the best mobile app trends is a task or project for the user to start as soon as they download it. Ask them to link an account to get started or sync their contacts. Invite them to try a feature of the app before they do anything else.

If you make it too hard, they won't want to complete the task and then they may not use the app at all. Yet you want to make it important enough that it will give them a tour of the app's features and demonstrate how useful the app is.

User Incentives

If you want to increase app engagement for your company, you can use the three tips above to make users want to keep coming back.

Enabling notifications, making it a game, and asking users to use the app immediately will help keep them engaged and returning often.

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