5 Advantages of Custom Website Development

Website development is essential for the success of a business. This guide lists 5 advantages of custom website development.

Did you know users often leave websites in 10-20 seconds? You need to provide a clear message that grabs the user's attention to keep them on your website longer. Using a custom website developer will allow you to create a unique website that displays your brand and company’s mission.

Custom website development will help catch your audience’s attention and keep up with speed and security needs.

Keep reading, as we guide you through the five advantages of custom website development.

Custom Website Development

Custom website development is the process behind building, creating, and updating your website. This process is what helps your website load correctly on every Internet browser and system.

You can think of it as the engine that drives your site to keep working. It allows for transactions, collects information and data, and lets people download digital photos or documents.

Some services help you with your website's custom website development to make sure it meets your design needs and creates an engaging user experience. Fortitude Development has services to help you build a website that is user friendly and catches your audience's attention.

Top 5 Advantages

In a study calledTrust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites, a large portion of the study was about how design impacts people mistrusting a website.

There were 15 participants, and they said if they left or didn't trust a website, 94% of the reason is because of the website design. Custom website development is key to keeping people on your website; now, we will walk you through the top 5 advantages.

1. Unique

If you build a website with CMS software, there's usually a theme or template. The theme includes specific colors, fonts, and a standard layout, with little room for change. It will look like many other websites that use the same software and theme.

When you choose to get a custom website, there's no theme, and you can build it to look exactly how you want it to, and there aren't limitations. You can make it more user friendly and display your brand.

2. Speed

If you use software, the website is automatically set to function to the most significant possible customer base, even if you don't need it. It can make the website load less quickly. This is called bloatware.

If a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, 50% of people will leave the page. Custom websites allow you to avoid unnecessary functions or bloatware and reduce loading times.

3. Security

If you use an existing platform to build your website, your website can be vulnerable. It is open to issues that affect other websites that use the same version of that platform.

You should have your custom web developer focus on two security practices, develop with SSL in mind, and their source code should be private.

4. Flexibility

You can be flexible from your user's payment experience to how you get your message across. It also makes it easier to update your website as your company changes and grows.

5. Optimize Customer Experience

You can continue to make your customer experience completely custom and easy to follow.

You can use feedback to continue to update and make the customer experience even better.

Start Your Custom Website Today

Get started on your custom website development and make your website one that people will stay on and use your company or services.

The website can display your brand and message right from the start.

Fortitude Development can help you start building today. Contact us now and we will walk you through the services we provide!

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