5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile Optimized Website

If you want to grow your presence online, one option is to use mobile marketing. Here reasons your business needs a mobile optimized website.

Imagine the scenario:

Suppose you're telling someone about your business and they decide to look you up on-the-spot using their smartphone. 

Can we ask you something?

Are they going to be happy with what they see? The answer to this relies largely on whether or not your business offers a mobile optimized website. 

Plain and simple.

Last year, over 50% of web traffic came from mobile devices. That's an increase in over 35% from 7 years ago!

This knowledge is huge.

What this trend is telling us is that surfing the web on hand-held and mobile devices is only gaining in popularity, and it's not showing any signs of slowing down.

Keep on reading to discover 5 reasons why your business needs a mobile optimized website today.

1. A Mobile Optimized Website Will Give You a Competitive Edge

Get with the now.

According to Forbes Magazine, Google algorithms recently began to show preference in search results for pages with a mobile-friendly website along with websites spinning out faster loading rates. This means if your mobile page loading time is poor, then your mobile SEO will quite literally take a hit.

If you want to give your business a competitive edge, optimizing your website for improved mobile-capability is an excellent mobile marketing strategy.

2. Ease of Website Navigability

Implementing a mobile optimized website will create a better user experience for your customer-base. 

How do we know this? That's easy.

It's all in the design. For instance, being able to read and click on a link without having to toggle-zoom the screen has a serious impact on your client's impression of your webpage.

3. Improved Website Speed

Nothing kills interest quite like that spinning ring of lag; the loading notification.

Living in the age where faster is always better, our clients have certain expectations when it comes to spending time on our web pages and, quite frankly, they don't want to wait.

Forbes cites research which finds that close to 70% of shoppers admit page speed affects their willingness to make a purchase.

When considering the fact that purchasing with mobile devices yields millions of dollars in revenue each year, making the decision to optimize your business website for mobile devices becomes all the more critical.

4. Users Interact With a Swipe or a Like

Like or share our page, and even, leave a comment below.

Phrases like these are simply part of the language of today. When it comes down to it, your Internet presence as a whole has a major impact on your customer base.

This includes your business Facebook page and other social media accounts.

Mobile Optimization of your page will help create harmony among all of your accounts, and ultimately build a stronger image of your brand for your audience.

5. Expand Your Reach

Approximately 60% of search engine visits take place on mobile devices. This number is directly related to the convenience of having Google search in your back pocket. If your business website comes up in one of these searches, you need your site to be on-point!

In essence, creating a positive website experience for both your desktop users and your mobile users will extend your audience-reach. 

Feeling Enlightened? 

If what you've just read has stuck a chord with you, it's time to make the switch to a mobile optimized website. Our team wants your business to succeed; reach out so we can show you the way!

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