What to Understand Before Hiring a Software Development Team

Before investing in software development, you should know these things. This guide explains what to understand before hiring a software development team.

Did you know that software connects billions of people with 9 trillion devices worldwide? The job of a software developer is very important, and in 2018 there were 23 million in the world.

As the software developer industry grows every year, and custom websites are becoming more common, you need to make sure you pick the right team for your company. Keep reading, and we will guide you through what you need to understand before hiring a software development team.

The Strategy

There is always a strategy that goes into hiring on a new team. You need to make sure there’s a purpose for the team and if it’s a contract project or long term, full-time hire team.

Before you hire a software development team, you need to understand the goals of your internal team for the project.

Internal Team Questions

1. Does this project fit our business strategy?

You want to make sure that your team lays out your business revenue models, how this application will affect your business, your target audience, and how users will use your software. You want to be prepared to explain your business strategy because a software development team will need to know how to help you achieve the results you want to meet.

2. What’s the budget?

You need to lay out your budget from the beginning because the team will be able to determine the best route for success with that budget. They may also turn down the job, and then you’re not wasting more of your time on that team.

3. What’s the plan for long-term upkeep?

You want to make sure you’re prepared for long-term support for the software. This will help keep the software up to date, secure, and fix any issues that come up day-to-day.

4. What is the timeline?

If you have a specific date you need to hit, be very clear and straightforward with the team so that they understand.

5. What internal stakeholders need to be involved, and what is their role?

For project management purposes, make sure that you have an internal team member keeping track of deadlines, the external team, and internal teams. It would be best if you also assigned someone from other internal teams to make sure they are doing their role and keeping up.

Questions for the Software Development Team

It would help if you asked the software team questions before you choose which service to use. The optimal team size is between 6 and 8 team members.

  1. Do you have experience with a similar project?
  2. Can I see your portfolio?
  3. Can you walk me through your workflow?
  4. How will you communicate and keep track of deadlines?
  5. Do you understand our business model, or do you have any questions?

There are external services you can hire to help with software development. Fortitude Development provides custom website, app, graphic design, and digital marketing services. You can see their portfolio on their website.

Hire Your Software Team Today

Start interviewing software development services and find the best fit for you.

Make sure your internal team is prepared before meeting with the external software development team.

Fortitude Development has a range of software services. Contact us today to schedule a meeting and talk through your project.

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