Give help, get help, make money & learn together as a community. Stunited is a start-up mobile app that is bridging the gap between education & social media.

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Stunited is the online platform for students to connect, communicate, and collaborate with other students. With the cross-platform mobile app it is easier than ever to get online, seek / offer help, and accomplish any given task.

Want to find others with skillsets suited to your needs? Use the card stack and match with students globally.

Looking to make some money or finish an assignment? Check out the proposal feed.

New updates to the UI and additional features keeps the app fresh.

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Stunited came to Fortitude after app launch. An extensive review of the code stack and an understanding of the client's desires moving forward was gathered in order to outline the best route moving forward.

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Design and development occurred simultaneously as the team progressed toward a V2 launch. Mock-ups and outlines of functionality were produced, sent to review both internally & by the client, and then sent off for development.

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Development for V2 was mostly dedicated to improving the user experience and creating a functional proposal system that would allow users to connect and collaborate on specific projects or assignments.

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Post launch has been quite similar to how tasks were handled pre-V2 launch. Designing of specific sections and functions occur and are sent off to development.


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