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Loraine Massey has been an iconic figure in the hair style scene for over the past three decades. When she wanted to create an online platform that fit her brand she turned to Fortitude for design and development.


CurlyWorld was set to stand out as a stylized platform for the sale of Loraine’s newly launched product line and and provide a unique look to the brand.

After an extensive design phase was concluded, thorough development of the site began with priority being placed on navigation and how each section / item was to be presented to the prospective user.

The resulting product is a unique site that is continually updated to ensure high quality and site traffic.


A collective understanding of Loraine’s vision was established and a detailed quote that outlined all the desired features and functionality was created and agreed upon.

CurlyWorld’s unique brand required a high degree of attention in respect to presentation and detail. Multiple drafts of design mockups were created to ensure the best brand representation over the digital medium.

A non-template, custom coded, website solution enabled our development team to transition the finalized mock-ups from just a design to a functional final product with stylized animations.

Pre-launch consisted of ensuring the site was free of bugs, mobile responsive, and providing a hosting service. Post-Launch, we continue to work to improve the site and provide maintenance.


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