A then newly-formed cleaning service, Backlender sought a way to advertise their services and simplify their scheduling process. We helped to design and develop out their online identity.

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Backlender wanted to have an online platform that represented their brand— it needed to be straightforward and presentable to give their clients the best possible experience on-site.

Browsing the available options, clearly outlining service areas, and creating a custom scheduling system were decided to be essential for enabling the client’s success online.

The site was developed with a fullstack of HTML, CSS, Node.js, & MongoDB

Backlender website


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A collective understanding of Backlenders’s vision was established and a detailed quote that outlined all the desired features and functionality was created and agreed upon.

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Time was dedicated to ensuring there was a clear pathway a new user could follow to understand what services were being offered while a returning user could easily navigate to their respective page within moments.

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A non-template, custom coded, website solution enabled our development team to transition the finalized mock-ups from to a functional final product that was near identical to the design.

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Pre-launch consisted of ensuring the site was free of bugs, mobile responsive, and providing a hosting service. Post-Launch, we continue to provide maintenance.


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