Startups We're Watching in 2021

It is super important to know what to invest your money early in the year! Discover our list of startups we're watching in 2021.

When looking for startups to watch, it's easy to look for safe startups. But sometimes, the best bet comes from industry disruption. From virtual event platforms to catering service robotics to 3D printers for kids, read on to find out what startups we're watching in 2021!


London-based Hopin founder Johnny Boufarhat wanted a way to have the industry event experience virtually, after being housebound due to a compromised immune system. As he didn't find anything like what he wanted, he went to work. Hopin was the result of that work.

Already backed by popular team chat software Slack, Hopin gives an event coordinator the tools they need to put together an interactive virtual event. The platform even gives you a virtual "backstage" area. The pandemic gave Boufarhat the perfect way to showcase Hopin, and it worked, almost doubling its userbase in only a few weeks.


Karakuri is a startup that wants to provide a way to offload repetitive tasks such as serving food in the catering industry. They aim to help make foodservice faster and lessen or eliminate food waste. They have two robotics platforms ready to lend a robotic hand, Marley and DK One.

Marley is a robotic arm that can serve portion-controlled meals or snacks with little or no food waste. DK One is a whole-meal solution that can make and serve portion-controlled meals quickly, also with little to no food waste. Both can be controlled by an app and can be customized with the portion amounts and high meal customization.


Chatterbox is a language learning and teaching app aimed at refugees needing to learn a language, or at a business that needs to teach its employees a new language. When co-founder Mursal Hedayat watcher her family of doctors and lawyers struggle to find jobs after becoming refugees, she began working on the app to help provide a path to employment through language learning. She also wanted to help overturn the narrative that refugees are a burden or threat to society prevalent in Europe, where refugees are common.


Loop intends to freshen up email by upgrading your Gmail with a plugin that incorporates Slack-like features for collaboration and remote working. Loop essentially eliminates the need for external apps to keep all that functionality right inside Gmail. It replaces email chains with instant messaging and adds a shared team dashboard to add collaboration features.

Toybox Labs

Toybox Labs aimed its Toybox 3D printer at kids and their imaginations. With a quick, five minute setup, the Toybox allows kids to print new toys without prior training. They can choose from the more than two-thousand blueprints on the Creator Space, or they can design their own toys and then submit them to the Creator Space.

Startups We're Watching

There are plenty of startups poised to gain momentum in 2021, from catering to email upgrades. The startups we're watching have the potential to break out in the coming year as big startups to invest in

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